About Us

AIM INDUSTRIE is a limited liability company registered in Germany. The company was established with the purpose of providing quality and credible surgical and dental instruments and materials to hospitals, medical centers and clinics.The company ensures procuring and manufacturing of quality products under applicable international quality standards.For this purpose our company resources the products from the best manufacturing facilities ensuring compliance and adherence to quality certification and standards.

The company resources its products from manufacturing facilities in Pakistan, South Korea and Brazil. Our main operation include distribution of surgical and dental instruments and materials to local and international markets. Our company is committed in providing quality products to its customers including manufacturing of customized products as per customer requirements.

The primary objective of our company is pursuit of excellence in the field of services and supplies of surgical and dental instruments and materials. The organization is consistently endeavoring to achieve optimum results from its various business operations in Germany and abroad.

Passion and zeal to deliver our customer is the basis and main priority of our business. Our passion is the basis of establishment of AIM INDUSTRIE.

Accuracy in the minute details of manufacturing of the instruments is the real test and challenge that always remains the top priority of our company. We ensure accuracy in manufacturing of the instruments to its finest details and specifications.

All products, dealings and services rendered by AIM INDUSTRIE are assured to be of the highest level of integrity and the quality of services are in line to our client's requirements and specifications. Total business awareness in the area of Surgical and Dental instrument and materials supplies of various commodities and products are offered by us.

AIM INDUSTRIE specializes in Surgical, Dental instruments and Materials Supply management and quality. you can be assured that when you meet with our management team, you will get a thorough and professional analysis of how we can meet your specific requirements. You will find that we are ready to help you work thorough every detail for the successful completion of your projects. We are a today's company that is fully capable of handling today's needs. We pride ourselves in long term relationships we have established with many of our customers. We believe that AIM INDUSTRIE can provide a valuable and reliable service to business both big and small. The company's strength is its ability to consistently provide competitive and comprehensive services in a professional manner.